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Our  team  have  more than 20  years of filmmaking experience in Nepal. During this time we have stepped into all the kinds of pits that filmmakers tend to fall into and have come out much the wiser. Our  Team  experiences  makes us  qualified fixing team in Nepal.
My self I have work as a president  Of Rafting Associatrion of Nepal and president for Trekking Association of Nepal because of that I have been almost  90 % area in Nepal   and know people around
We  make sure  that when you arrive, your time is fully optimized. We can help you with location  pre scouting, accessing individuals through our extensive network of contacts, manage travel logistics,  work as your  schedule, and fix any problems that Nepal is famous for throwing in your path.
•    Pre Location scouting and management.
•    All necessary Permit.
•   Custom clearance for equipments .
•   equipment hire.
•   Travel logistics management including flights, jeep hire, hotel bookings , Charter Helicopter.
•   Experience Staff .